Google is experimenting with automatically converting website pages into videos

The tool is based on a neural network.

Google shared in their blog that they are developing a new tool called URL2Video, with the help of which any content from the pages can be automatically generated in a video with specified parameters.

The algorithm preserves its appearance and uses a sequence of shots to convert the content into video. The user sets only the parameters of the video duration and aspect ratio in order to adjust it to the advertisement of his goods and services

The generator will take into account such page parameters as text, image, video and even design (font, colors, layouts and hierarchy), which will take directly from HTML.

As conceived by the developers, the new tool will simplify the work with video content and make it available to a larger number of users, eliminating large financial investments for processing and production.

We remind you that this is not the first time recently that Google has optimized technology for processing content, and earlier, in the summer, the search engine introduced a new tool for working with audio ads .