How to Design an UberEats Clone mobile app?

 How to Design an UberEats Clone mobile app?

Question  How to Design an UberEats Clone mobile app and what is the UberEats mobile app?

The order food business is in grow fast and why? People and in need to eat food and they love it so in this century the build apps to get a better way to access the same. The best and promising apps for food ordering are UberEats, Seamless, GrubHub, Zomato, and JustEat.

Why to design UberEats Clone?

-Many restaurants are on-demand services so they are in the need for such an app

-they need a location and status of they order service

From the aspect of research let us first begin process involving in building UberEats clone application.

  • food ordering clone script selection
  • adjustment of food ordering script for your business requirements
  • adjust your restaurant menu to the scrips
  • launch your food ordering app

How it works?

-Appling your filer results on your app like the place, the food you like you scrolling trough the feed find your favorite restaurant.

-you select your restaurant to go on the menu and a select item that you put in your chart

-finalized the order: when you put the item in the chart you go on checkout and you get estimated time for delivery and you place an order for delivery.

– You will be notified once the restaurant receives the order and begins to prepare your order. You can also see the delivery partner’s status and monitor their progress all the way to your delivery.

-You will notification when you get order delivered

UberEats business model works as a three-sided marketplace that connects a driver, a restaurant owner, and a customer.

Admin panel Features of ubereats clone

  • Database management:mange evry single client order and deliviry data
  • Customer management: allows you to chech evry detail about orders
  • Restaurant management: add new resturants and remove the old one
  • Offer management: put new offers and discounts
  • Revenue management: Manage all the payments such as payment received from the clients
  • Feedback management: admin mange and see all feedbacks recived from clients
  • Notifications to registered user: sms,emails for the client

Customer app

Customer app feautres

  • Quick onboarding: social media login or email login
  • Search nearby restaurants:search in find resorants iin your area
  • Browse the menu: browse the menu and get order
  • Select your order: choose on menu and make order
  • Check the cart: chech and place order
  • Push notifications:info about new restaurants
  • Secured payment mode:payment selections such as Credit card, Debit card
How to Design a UberEats Clone mobile app?

what you need to take care about building a app

  • Decide your business model
  • Ensure user-friendly interface
  • Decide your budget
  • Framework to choose
  • What is your USP
  • Develop a customized website
  • Choose your demography
  • Plan your launch program

where to build a UberEats clone app

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