How To Promote Productivity In The Online Work Environment

The truth is, the remote work environment isn’t inherently conducive to productivity. However, when factoring in how much added stress the efforts of social distancing and other issues we are currently faced with contributing, it’s more important for company leaders to both craft and maintain a supportive remote workplace for its employees.

Follow the 3 following tips in order to promote better productivity in the online work environment:

1. Communicate Consistently

Having proper communication is one of the most important things you will want to have in both a traditional on-site and a remote work environment. However, it is even more important for someone working remotely. While it can vary depending on the industry, having regular email correspondence may be enough. A lot of people will find that a daily call or even a video chat will suffice to keep everyone working cohesively and on the same page with one another. You want to look at the overall size of your team when you are doing this and adjust to how you interact in the traditional environment. You don’t need to host 5 video conferences on a daily basis just to get everyone on-board. You should be able to get that number down to one per day. At the same time, if you typically have a lot of interactions with one another throughout a traditional workday, you can always leverage the technology available to give you the same experience.

2. Focus On Each Individual

It’s important to recognize that every employee is going to be different. Some will prefer having a lot of interaction and some may prefer to be left to their own work efforts. As someone who is tasked with being a leader, you want to try to get the opinions of each employee to ensure that you are delivering them what they need to be most effective and highly productive. Stick to your commitments and look to engage in small talk in the email correspondence. Always let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts. Employees are going to work the best when they know they are being appreciated and they are much more likely to be productive when placed in a positive and encouraging environment.

When you are discussing details of a deliverable, you should be sending a recap email showcasing the expectations. You should be encouraging your employees to embrace the flexibility of the work schedule.

3. Maintain Flexibility

You should be looking to be much more flexible than you may normally be in a traditional work setting. By doing this, you will be showcasing empathy and allowing employees to have more freedom from which to get their work done. After all, there are new stressors and factors that can influence an employee’s ability to be productive when working in a different environment. Maintain a flexible work schedule with TrackTime24, a transparent way to manage tasks efficiently and fairly. While it doesn’t mean your workers should be bingeing their favorite show on Netflix, it does mean that you should be giving them the freedom they need to get their work done. Have clearly defined and set dates for deliverables and have measurable and attainable goals. Try to get frequent updates from employees and look at how they are progressing within their tasks without micromanaging them. If your team members are relying on one another, consider setting up and using a team messaging platform like Slack in order to help facilitate easy and seamless communication between employees.

How To Promote Productivity In The Online Work Environment


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